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Oracle Administration (DBA)

Oracle Administration (DBA)

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Flexible Time & Date Flexible Time & Date 40 Hours
Oracle DBA [Database Administration] course is intended for those who wish to learn database and Database Administration’s. Build your career as an Oracle DBA on a firm foundation of sound practices and technical knowledge. This course gives strong foundation and expertise in the industry’s most advanced database management system.

• Database Administrators

• Technical Administrator

• Support Engineer

• Technical Consultant

• Oracle Database: SQL & PL/SQL.

Module I – SQL [Structured Query Language]
  • Introduction about Database.
  • Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
  • Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
  • Using Sub queries to Solve Queries
  • Using the Set Operators
  • Manipulating Data
  • Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
  • Creating Other Schema Objects
Module II – Admin I
  • Architecture
  • Installing the Oracle Database Software
  • Creating an Oracle Database
  • Managing the Oracle Instance
  • Managing Database Storage Structures
  • Administering User Security
  • Managing Schema Objects
  • Managing Data and Concurrency
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Implementing Oracle Database Security
  • Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Performance Management
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts
  • Performing Database Backup
  • Performing Database Recovery
  • Performing Flashback
  • Moving Data
Module III – Admin II
  • Using Globalization Support Objectives
  • Configuring Recovery Manager
  • Recovering from User Errors
  • Dealing with Database Corruption
  • Automatic Database Management
  • Using Recovery Manager
  • Recovering from Non-Critical Losses
  • Monitoring and Managing Storage
  • Automatic Storage Management
  • Monitoring and Managing Memory
  • Database Recovery
  • Flashback Database
  • Managing Resources
  • Automating Tasks with the Scheduler
  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Install and configure Oracle Database 11g
  • Configure Oracle Net services
  • Monitor and administer undo data
  • Manage the database storage structures
  • Create and administer user accounts
  • Perform basic backup and recovery of a database
  • Manage data concurrency
  • Monitor performance
  • Describe Oracle Database Architecture

Course Fee

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  • 40 Hours Training
  • Study Materials
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