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Visual basic

Visual Basic

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Visual Basic is a visual and events driven Programming Language. This Visual Basic 6.0 training course is designed for developers or students with some understanding of basic programming concepts from a previous programming background who are moving to a Visual Basic 6. In this course you’ll learn Visual Basic syntax, event-driven programming, work with forms and controls, simple database support to your applications, and much more.

– Anyone interested in learning about Programming Languages

– Anyone interested in learning IT courses

• Basic Knowledge about computers

Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Introduction Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Programming Language (Procedural, Object Oriented, Event Driven)
  • The Visual Basic Environment
  • How to use VB complier to compile / debug and run the programs
  • Your First Visual Basic Program
Adding Controls to Forms
  • Visual Basic Controls
  • Creating and Manipulating New Controls
  • Changing Design Time Control Properties
  • Visual Basic Built-in Controls
  • Textboxes, Frames, Check Boxes , Option Buttons, Images, Setting a Border & Styles
  • The Shape Control, The line Control, Working with multiple controls and their Properties
Variables, Constants, and Calculations
  • Variables: Public, Private, Static, Constants
  • Data Types, Naming rules/conventions
  • Declaring variables & Scope of variables
  • Arithmetic Operations, Formatting Data.
Understanding Events
  • Introducing Events and Event Procedures
  • The Form Load ,Form ,Command Button Click and Text Box Change Events
  • The Timer Control’s Timer Event, GotFocus/LostFocus Events
Working with Forms and Controls
  • Setting Properties at Run Time
  • Setting Form Properties
  • Setting Control Properties
  • Using ActiveX Controls
  • Adding ActiveX Controls to a Project
Creating and Using Menus
  • Menus in Visual Basic
  • Using the Menu Editor
  • HWorking with Menus
  • Manipulating Menus at Run Time
Decision & Conditions
  • If Statement, If ?then-else Statement
  • Comparing Strings
  • Compound Conditions(And, Or, Not)
  • Nested If Statements, Case Structure
  • Using If statements with Option Buttons & Check Boxes
  • Displaying Message in Message Box
Menus, Sub-Procedures and Sub-functions
  • Defining / Creating and Modifying a Menu
  • Using common dialog box
  • Creating a new sub-procedure, Passing Variables to Procedures
  • Passing Argument By Value or By Reference
  • Writing a Function Procedure
Multiple Forms
  • Creating, adding, removing Forms in project
  • Hide, Show Method
  • Load, Unload Statement, Referring to Objects on a Different Forms
  • Learn components of a Visual Basic application
  • Use ActiveX controls
  • Distinguish between event-driven vs. procedural programming
  • Create forms and menus
  • Manipulate form and control properties
  • Compile an application with the native code compiler
  • Debugging errors
  • database support to your application

Course Fee

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  • 30 Hours Training
  • Study Materials
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