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C - Plus Plus

C Plus Plus

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  • Start Date: TBA
  • End Date: TBA
  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Timing: TBA
  • Frequency : TBA
  • Course Overview

    C++ programming course is intended for those who wish to be a software programmer. C++ programming course is intended for those who wish to be a software programmer. This course provides an accelerated introduction to the most essential syntactical components of the object oriented language.

    Introduction to C++ The basic anatomy of a C++ program Variable Declarations, Variable Names Standard input and standard output Working with Operators and Expressions Controlling the Program Flow Decision control, Loop Control & Case Control Using Functions/Procedures Anatomy of a Function Understanding Arrays & Strings Function Overloading Classes and Objects Constructors and Destructors Managing Console I/O Operations Working with files

  • Who Should Attend?

    Anyone interested in learning about Programming Languages.

    Anyone interested in learning IT courses

    Basic Computer Knowledge

    Basic knowledge about Software’s

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Basic Computer Knowledge

  • Course Deliverables/syllabus

    Introduction to C++
    Starting with C++ OOP vs. procedure-oriented programming The basic anatomy of a C++ program Starting with a simple “Hello World” program Compiling, linking and running a C++ program
    The Basics of C++
    Base Data Types and sizes User-defined Data Types Variable Declarations, Variable Names Dynamic initialization of variables Constants and its types Character Constants String Constants Standard input and standard output Formatted input –cin Formatted output – cout Use of << and >> operators
    Working with Operators and Expressions
    Operators Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Assignment Operator Logical Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators (++ and –) ‘Operate-Assign’ Operators (+=, *=, …) Expressions What are Expressions? Operator Precedence Precedence and Order of Evaluation Conditional Expression Casting and type conversion
    Controlling the Program Flow
    Decision control if if-else if-else if Loop Control while do while for break continue case control switch goto
    Using Functions/Procedures
    Why Functions? Anatomy of a Function Returning values from functions Arguments Passed by Value Passing Addresses of Arguments Concept of variable scope and scope rules Static and automatic variables Global variables
    Understanding Arrays
    Arrays Initializing Arrays Passing Arrays to Functions Multi-Dimensional Array
    String I/O cin and cout member functions Standard C String functions Arrays of Strings
    Function Overloading
    Function Overloading Using overloaded functions Rules for overloading
    Classes and Objects
    Creation Private Vs Public Accessing class members Objects Member Functions
    Constructors and Destructors
    Constructors Parameterized Constructors Constructors with Default arguments Destructors
    Managing Console I/O Operations
    C++ Streams C++ Stream Classes Unformatted IO Operations
    Working with files
    Introduction Classes for File Streams Operations Opening and Closing a File Detecting End of File File Modes File Pointers and their manipulators Sequential Input Output Operations

  • Benefits of Attending

    High quality of trainings from Certified Expert Trainers Free personal/Corporate course Customization Guarantee Flexible Days and Timings We encourage you to speak to our trainers before booking to ensure that the requested course will exactly match the background and project needs of the participant, and that we can customize the course contents as much as possible to meet those project objectives All class rooms are well equipped with latest computers and networks We take special care to assure high quality of training to our corporate, personal clients post training support [ Email, phone, or personal] Printed Course materials and Certificate of Completion Most VALUE for Money

  • Course Fee

    To know the current Course Fees, kindly contact us +973 1753 0775,6660 0550.