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Planning and Scheduling Professional (AACE-PSP)


  • Start Date: TBA
  • End Date: TBA
  • Duration: 35 Hours
  • Timing: TBA
  • Frequency : TBA
  • Course Overview

    A PSP is a skilled planning and scheduling professional with advanced experience in project planning, an developing, monitoring, updating, forecasting and analyzing integrated project schedules. The PSP leads the planning and scheduling process within the AACE International Total Cost Management (TCM) framework. A PSP is able to communicate effectively with all project stakeholders, both internal and external.

    PSP certification is independently accredited by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). AACE Certification distinguishes cost and management professionals who have the knowledge and skills to impact the bottom line

    • Carry weight with internal staff and external clients.
    • Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry.
    • Demonstrate your Proficiency and professionalism.
    • Give you personal satisfaction of achievement.
    • This training course will provide participants with a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling for engineering and construction projects.
    • The course addresses how to identify, monitor and balance information crucial for the successful management of projects.
    • IT will discuss the development of a baseline performance management plan (PMP) for the project that will allow the efficient compilation and the timely generation of quantitative performance comparisons.
    • The comparisons highlight significant performance (” Actual vs. Baseline”) and allow for preventive and early remedial and corrective actions.
    • The Practical sessions will provide hands on experience.
    • Workshops create and track sample project from planning phase till controlling phase (Updating).
  • Who Should Attend?

    • Project Managers, Program Managers.
    • Planners and Engineers how are or will be involved in planning and managing projects where schedule.
    • Cost and Performance of projects must meet rigid requirements in the areas of engineering productions.
    • Data Processing.
    • Research and Development.
    • Construction.
    • Corporate planning, finance and Marketing.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    1. 8 years industry related experience
    2. 4 years industry related experience + 4‐year industry related college degree

  • Course Deliverables/syllabus

    Planning Development
    • Input and data.
    • Contract Requirements.
    • Construct ability methods.
    • Identifications of resources.
    • Value engineering.
    • Stakeholder consideration.
    • Project variables.
    Planning Product
    • Planning outputs and deliverable.
    • Define scope of work.
    • Define project goals.
    • Define Project plans.
    • Phase definitions.
    • Establish work break down structure (WBS)
    • Establish organizational breakdown structure (OBS)
    • Cost break down structure (CBS)
    • Review by stakeholders.
    • cost estimate development.
    • Baseline plan.
    • Periodic forecasts.
    • Risk and Recovery plan.
    • Sequence and phase relationship.
    Chapter 2 Schedule development
    • Input and data (from planning)
    • Define schedule scope.
    • Break down structure.
    • Schedule specifications.
    • Feedback from stakeholders.
    • cost estimate module.
    • creating schedule.
    • Types of schedules.
    • Activities.
    • Durations.
    • Relationships.
    • Constraints and calendars
    • Milestones.
    • Cost / resource loading.
    • Schedule basis documentation.
    • Schedule quality analysis and compliance review.
    Schedule Maintenance / controlling:
    • Maintain schedule.
    • Baseline schedule.
    • Tracking schedule progress.
    • Cost and resources management.
    • Schedules change management..
    • Acceleration.
    • Schedule maintenance feedback.
    • Schedule output and deliverable.
    • Control level schedules.
    • Variances and trends.
    • Schedule analysis.
    • Schedule forecasts.
    • Recovery schedules.
    • Management summary.
    • Progress reports and reviews.
    • Construct ability review.

  • Benefits of Attending

    • Following up/guiding the participant until he/she passes for the PSP Certification Examination.
    • Certified and Professional Instructors.
    • Material + Questions.
    • Revision for each section.
    • Quiz after each section.
  • Course Fee

    To know the current Course Fees, kindly contact us +973 1753 0775,6660 0550.